Skam Italia 6 è in arrivo! Il trailer anticipa una serie di sfide per la nuova protagonsita, Asia

SKAM Italia, the Italian version of the popular Norwegian TV series SKAM, has been renewed for a sixth season and will be available on Netflix. The upcoming season will center around Asia, the new protagonist, and her challenges. Netflix announced the renewal on January 26, 2023, and production is already underway.

During a press conference for the fifth season, Ludovico Bessegato, the showrunner of SKAM Italia, discussed the future of the series. He expressed that if there is a demand for a sixth season and there are still stories to tell, there is no reason not to continue. He also hinted at the possibility of introducing a new generation of characters as the current cast transitions to university life.

The fifth season of SKAM Italia introduced Asia, played by Nicole Rossi, who will have a central role in the upcoming sixth season. The storyline will focus on Asia’s struggles and challenges, as well as her friendships with the other members of the Rebelde group. The character Giulio will also be introduced.

The sixth season of SKAM Italia is scheduled to premiere on January 18, 2024. Filming took place from February to April 2023. Like previous seasons, it is expected that the sixth season will consist of around 10 or 11 episodes, each lasting approximately 20-30 minutes. The show will continue to be available for streaming on Netflix, as it has been since the fourth season. Viewers will need a Netflix subscription to watch the episodes, as TIMVision is no longer involved in distribution.

Netflix has released teasers and a trailer for the sixth season, providing a sneak peek into Asia’s challenges. These trailers can be found on the official Netflix and SKAM Italia social media channels.

In summary, SKAM Italia has been granted another season and will continue to engage audiences on Netflix. The sixth season will focus on Asia’s character and her personal struggles. Fans can anticipate new storylines and characters while still enjoying the presence of familiar faces from previous seasons.
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